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Acquisition of a majority stake in Argos


  • Acquisition of a majority stake in Argos
  • Acquisition of a majority stake in Impreglon
  • Acquisition of a majority stake in 77Agency by Jakala
  • Acquisition of a majority stake in Engineering by BainCapital
  • Acquisition of a majority stake in MCube Digital Engagement
  • Disposal of a minority stake in Alessi to Oakley Capital
  • Acquisition of Sigest by GVA Redilco
  • Acquisition of FTSystem by AntaresVision
  • Acquisition of Valedo by IPE
  • Disposal of Enoplastic by Macchi and Moglia families
  • Acquisition of Poolservice
  • Acquisition of Friuli Estintori
  • Buy side Support for a Carve Out transaction
  • Assistance in the Design of the Corporate Management Reporting
  • Support in the analysis of Gross Margin drivers and improvement of Product Costing accuracy through the redefinition of BoM
  • Assistance in the analysis of Profitability Drivers and Operational Diagnosis to support the integration plan
  • Acquisition by Orca
  • Acquisition of a majority stake in Abaco
  • Acquisition of Disc
  • Disposal of Castelli
  • Acquisition of a minority stake in La Bottega
  • Acquisition of a majority stake in Stentle
  • Acquisition of Doxa
  • Acquisition of Calvi Holding S.p.A.
  • Pigna
  • Assistance to the client to determine the potential damages suffered 2018
  • Support to Litigation – Prepare an expert report in relation to damages suffered by the client 2018
  • IT Forensic Investigation 2018
  • Support to Concordato Proceedings 2018
  • Support to Civil Proceedings 2018
  • Support to Criminal Proceedings 2018
  • ISEO
  • Seri Jakala
  • IEN 2018
  • Acquisition of GGROUP by Autodis
  • Giuso
  • Snaitech
  • Util Industries
  • Acquisition of Borbone
  • Step
  • Support to Civil Proceedings 2017
  • Support to Criminal Proceedings 2017
  • Support to IT Forensic investigation 2017
  • Support to Forensic investigation 2017
  • RICAUTO Support in the PPA
  • OVAM
  • ArcaplanetFDD
  • Acquisition of MODECOR
  • Wabtec
  • meter
  • Sapore di Mare
  • Noitel
  • RCF Group
  • Ricauto by Autodis
  • Acquisition of OVAM
  • Acquisition of AliasLab
  • Acquisition of Dominioni
  • Acquisition of Sketchin
  • Acquisition of Fortesan
  • Disposal of La Suissa
  • Acquisition of e-economic
  • Acquisition of Angelo Po
  • VTP
  • IEN 2016
  • PayClick
  • Team System 2016
  • Acquisition of Lira
  • Acquisition of Costa
  • Disposal of TeamSystem
  • Acquisition of SOUNDREEF
  • Acquisition of Ulisse
  • Acquisition of OPENKNOWLEDGE
  • Bizmatica
  • Arredoplast
  • Mondo Esa Laghi
  • CEME
  • Costa 2015
  • Chili
  • Simmel Difesa
  • Nuance Dufry
  • Acquisition Minority
  • Acquisition Bip
  • Acquisition 24 Ore
  • Team System 2014
  • Support to Forensic investigation 2013
  • GMM Support to sales
  • GMM Support to Budget
  • BRITA Reporting
  • GPG
  • DUPLOMATIC Automazione
  • SEM
  • Marcolin Support in the PPA
  • Valvitalia
  • Brita Asset
  • Marcolin Support Management
  • Antares Vision
  • Euticals Budget Process 2013
  • Support to Forensic Investigation 2012
  • FII EDR Investono in United Coatings
  • FII Investe in Marsilli
  • FII Investe in Mesgo
  • FII investe in Gmm
  • Investindustrial
  • PAI investe in Marcolin 2012
  • CASTALDI Impairment
  • riri
  • Euticals Support
  • Castaldi
  • Duplomatic Financial
  • Giochi Preziosi Group

Law firms


We have been working with New Deal Advisors for many years and for us they have become a reference partner in our investment processes. They are extremely competent and flexible professionals with a very pragmatic and always in-depth analysis approach. A senior team that has been able to gain esteem and confidence even from its counterparts by being appreciated for its ability to bring real added value even in the post deal.

PFH – Nicola Iorio, Nadia Buttignol e Massimiliano Mattietti

We used the help of New Deal Advisors as part of our portfolio monitoring activities through IBR, financial review, forensic services and we found a great skill, innovation and originality in strategies and actions and added value of the analyzes produced.

Elena Lodola Head of Leveraged Finance Capital Markets Italy, BNP Paribas.

The extreme professionalism and availability, the immediate understanding of the customer’s needs and practice, the experience in detecting and determining damages, the clarity and completeness of the prepared technical report: these are the elements that have characterized the team’s work of New Deal Advisors which has assisted us in a dispute initiated by one of our clients for the unlawful suspension of contracts in public procurement.

Avv. Matteo Padellaro socio Gianni Origoni Grippo Cappelli & Partners

The team’s skills stretch far beyond usual professional competence, enabling them to extract reliable data even in challenging environments, simplifying highly complex analyses and providing sound and reliable support to sensitive decision making, in the context of a constructive and positive spirit.

ANDERA – Luca Maria Ravano / Massimo Massari Partners

I worked with New Deal Advisors in a project that involved the evaluation of an intangible asset in the presence of different elements of damage. Andrea was very attentive to the needs of the end customer, both in terms of budget and delivery time of the evaluation report. The final product was excellent with wide customer satisfaction having been followed its indications and identified original technical solutions to obtain the expected final result.

Avv. Vincenzo D'Ambra socio Studio Nunziante Magrone

In 2017, we realized a strategic and structuring external growth operation in Italy, initiated by our participation ORCA, with the take-over of FAIT PLAST, European leading manufacturer of technical thermoplastic films. During this operation, we really enjoyed working with New Deal Advisors who has demonstrated its ability to find and analyse key financial information and deliver a very good DD report in a short timeframe.

idi - Augustin Harrel-Courtès Senior Associate

With New Deal Advisors we have collaborated in identifying and representing criminally relevant elements before the Public Prosecutor’s Office following the investigations conducted by them; their experience in this field, the solid technical preparation and the ability to put it at the service of the client and the lawyers have proved to be fundamental for the concrete pursuit of the results expected by the client at the beginning of the project.

Avv. Gildo Ursini socio Studio Ursini

We have had the opportunity to work with Andrea and the New Deal Advisors team on a project in the competition area. Despite the complexity of the work, they were able to identify the critical issues and key technical elements to meet the needs of the project, making them immediately accessible to the customer (Italian and foreign) and to the lawyers and assuming a central role in refining the best strategy to be adopted.

Avv. Giuseppe De Palma Managing partner Clifford Chance for Italy